Default Bulk Pricing Tables


Bigcommerce’s default bulk pricing tables only show a percentage discount amount. With our Detailed Bulk Pricing integration, you can show what the true cost would be per item in bulk; including the discount amount.


  • Show the price of the product including/excluding VAT/TAX.
  • Uses the default setup fields provided by Bigcommerce.
  • Show discount amount by price for each quantity range.
  • Can be setup to show on both the product page and the category page.
  • Only works with Stencil themes.


If you need to show your bulk pricing table using actual cost per item instead of vague percentages on your Bigcommerce store, this is the solution for you. Prices are entered via the default Bigcommerce bulk price field area, so there’s a high chance there will be little setup required on your end.

Note: The prices on the table will not update on products that have variants.

from £99 + VAT

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