Minimum Order Spend with Checkout Redirect


Bigcommerce will let customers continue to checkout if the item is of any value. Some stores may have cheaper products that don’t make sense to ship at lower cart totals.


  • Set your minimum order value to proceed to checkout.
  • Buttons at cart will hide until subtotal is over a certain amount.
  • Supports the quantity field on 
  • Unlike other solutions, the checkout page will also redirect if a customer manages to get to checkout via manually entering the URL.
  • Only works with Stencil themes and Optimized Checkout.


If you need to hide the checkout button and checkout page access until a subtotal cart is over a defined amount on your Bigcommerce store, this is the solution for you. Get in touch to request installation on your store and include the minimum spend quantity you wish to restrict checkout for. 

from From £75 + VAT

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