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Posted on: February 21, 2023

BigCommerce is an affordable ecommerce platform for business owners on any budget, regardless of whether they prefer to pay monthly or annually. With BigCommerce’s pricing starting from $29 per month, you can see why the number of BigCommerce stores has increased by 300% in only 6 years!

Below, you’ll find a table which displays each one of BigCommerce’s pricing options. We’ll discuss each level of pricing throughout this article

BigCommerce’s Pricing Structure

Standard Plus Pro Enterprise
Per month$39$105$399Custom pricing
Per annum$348$948$3,588Custom pricing

Standard Plan

Priced at only $348 per year ($39 per month), BigCommerce’s Standard plan is the ideal choice for small businesses looking to start their ecommerce journey.

The Standard plan allows businesses to earn $50,000 per year from their store. Once this figure is met, the store’s plan must be moved onto the Plus plan.

The Standard plan is full of features to help businesses test the water before committing to a more expensive plan. It offers unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth, as well as various customisation options for website design!

If you want to promote your products with the powerful Google Shopping, the Standard plan will allow you to do so with a range of paid and free applications.

Find out more about what’s included in BigCommerce’s Standard plan by clicking here.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is BigCommerce’s most popular option, and it is priced $948 per year ($105 per month).

It includes all the aforementioned features from the Standard plan, as well as providing several more elements to improve your ecommerce store. Some of these additional features include automatic abandoned cart recovery emails, customer groups, and persistent cart.

Let’s discuss some of these key features:

Automatic Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

This is a great feature that helps businesses boosts sales. Custom emails are sent to users who’ve left an online store with products in their basket.

Owners are given the choice to add anything to these emails. Whether they wish to offer discounts, related products, or just to remind the customer – it’s all possible!

With an average of 69.99% of online shoppers abandoning their carts, and we’ve personally seen an average of 25% on cart recovery using this feature, these emails can be highly profitable.

Customer Groups

BigCommerce’s ‘Customer Groups’ feature is a great addition to online stores that serve different offers to various segments of their customer base.

For example, if a business wishes to serve different products, shipping prices, discounts etc. to their trade customers, they can do so with this feature.

Persistent Cart

The persistent cart feature allows customers, when logged into a BigCommerce store, to save their cart when switching devices.

This is a great feature to keep customers happy when shopping and improves their overall experience.

BigCommerce’s Plus plan allows businesses to earn $180,000 per year from their store. Once this figure is met, the store’s plan must be moved onto the Pro plan.

Find out more about what’s included in BigCommerce’s Standard plan by clicking here.

Pro Plan

BigCommerce’s Pro plan is their most expensive ‘set price’ option, at £3,588 per year (399 per month). More on the Enterprise’s pricing structure later in the article.

BigCommerce’s Pro plan allows businesses to earn $400,000 per year from their store. Once this figure is met, the store’s plan must be moved onto the Enterprise plan.

As you would expect, it includes all the features mentioned in the Standard and Plus plan, with the addition of four other features:

Let’s discuss each feature and how it could benefit your online store:

Google Customer Reviews

This feature allows business owners to gather feedback and reviews from their customers who’ve made a purchase on their store. These Google reviews helps businesses become eligible for seller ratings.

Once you become eligible for seller ratings, you can display your certified Google badge alongside your rating. It can also helps improve your Google Shopping experience!

Product Filtering

We all know and love this feature! Product Filtering allows an online store’s users to more precisely target their product discovery efforts.

Product Filtering (also known as faceted search) is most commonly found on product category pages. Once a user lands there, they can filter their search down to specific colour, brand, size, price etc.

Showcase of BigCommerce’s Product Filtering feature, from our client Toolforce.

Custom SSL

The Custom SSL feature simply allows you to purchase an SSL certificate outwith BigCommerce. If you wish to have specific levels of security for your online store, this is recommended.

Enterprise Plan

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a price for this plan. If you choose the enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact the BigCommerce sales team for a custom price.

The Enterprise plan is a full access plan, meaning you’ll have access to each and every feature available on BigCommerce.

The only additional features available to you on the Enterprise plan is Price Lists and Unlimited API Calls. Let’s discuss what these are:

Price Lists

Using Price Lists allows you to offer various levels of pricing which override basic storefront and customer group prices.

If you’re interested in utilising BigCommerce’s Multi-storefronts, Price Lists would allow you to assign different prices to the multitude of storefronts.

Unlimited API Calls

This feature allows you to access one of the industry’s fastest APIs to automatically transfer data from 3rd party systems, such as ERPs, effortlessly into your BigCommerce store.

However, the main reason a business would go onto the Enterprise plan would be success in generating high sales. If a website exceeds $400,000 per year, they are required to choose the Enterprise plan.

We hope that the above information helps you choose the right BigCommerce plan for you.

If you have anymore questions regarding BigCommerce, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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