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In Your Dreams

A full site design and BigCommerce rebuild for one of the UK’s top creative agencies.

In Your Dreams are a female led creative agency based in London whose aim is to provide support and nurture talent within creative industries including hair, makeup, content creation and more. With clients including TikTok, Amazon and Nike, In Your Dreams are one of the UK’s top creative agencies.

With their current website on BigCommerce and wanting to rebrand online to highlight their agency services, we were tasked with helping them create a brand new agency website along with redesigning their BigCommerce store.

TikTok event run by In Your Dreams

What We Did

We began the process by sitting down with the In Your Dreams team to discuss their requirements and deadlines. After creating a mockup for their new agency site, we began work on the build with a heavy focus on the phone and tablet experience since that is where most of their traffic comes from. Moving away from the pinks and blush colours of their previous site, we moved to a classic black and white using lots of their fantastic imagery to lay out the site.

We also created our very own page builder in order to give them flexibility to create their own layouts for their case studies.

With the agency site complete, we then turned our attention to their BigCommerce store. Reorganising their category structure along with creating a crisp new design, we then migrated the site onto a sub-domain ready for launch.

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