Are you looking to sell online and don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in.

Finding the right eCommerce solution for your business is paramount. We will make sure that we pair your business with the right platform.

We have helped hundreds of businesses get selling online, helping them to connect to customers across the globe. With decades of experience in designing, building and supporting eCommerce websites, we are able to help you every step of the way in getting your store up and running. 

Our approach is to understand your requirements and bring together the best solution for your business.

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We're BigCommerce Partners

A number of years ago, we investigated the eCommerce platforms available in the marketplace and soon discovered that there was a stand-out product that covered the whole eCommerce marketplace better than all the others.  That product was BigCommerce and being a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform, you don’t need massive servers or crowds of IT geeks to look after those servers.

BigCommerce brings enterprise level features to all levels of business, whether selling 1 product or 100,000’s of products.  It is a fully scalable solution that has included features that cost huge amounts to add on to other eCommerce systems.

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Our Process

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Selecting The Right Platform

The first thing is to make sure that we pair you with the right eCommerce platform to suit your needs. As Certified BigCommerce Partners, we tend to find that BigCommerce is the best fit for the vast majority of our client base.

BigCommerce has proven to us over and over again that it’s a highly capable platform with exponential growth results across our range of clients. Having built over 130 BigCommerce websites, we can safely say that it’s the best all rounder.

With plans starting as low as £25 per month for start up eCommerce, BigCommerce really does cater for all levels of business. At the other end of the scale it’s a platform trusted by the likes of Toolden, Skull Candy, Ted Baker, Harvey Nichols, BMW, Mini, Bensons for Beds and Gillette for true Enterprise eCommerce.

We do work with other platforms as required, including Shopify, ECWID and WooCommerce.

Design & Build

We create the very best eCommerce websites for our clients and have hundreds of examples of amazing designs we have created for very successful sites. Designs start with a collaboration of ideas from you, with our years of knowledge of what works for eCommerce. We then build the store to your bespoke specifications, with all the elements required to sell online on a site that is fully responsive for all devices. SEO is built in to the design to give the site the best chance of ranking on Google. We handle all your payment gateway and shipping setup and any 3rd party integrations that you require.

As part of this process, we will also give advice on how things could work better for your business online. We recommend you set up your own products on the store to become proficient at this and we provide appropriate training for this. We also give you training on order processing and everyday running of the site when the site is ready to go live.

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Apps & Integrations

With our vast experience of BigCommerce, we have come across many scenarios of clients looking to integrate external systems with BigCommerce. There are a number of Apps that can be added to BigCommerce to integrate with external systems, that may not be immediately obvious to our client. We can provide many solutions for these scenarios and in some cases have coded our own interfaces.

Common integrations and Apps are for EPOS systems, Backup solutions, Advanced Search, Mail Software integrations and Sales channels like ebay, Amazon and TikTok.

Our list of our in-house solutions to many common requests/nice additions for BigCommerce can be found here.

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Promote & Support

Your eCommerce store is now up and running but that’s not where we say goodbye. This is just the beginning of a long successful journey where we are here to support you with anything from everyday questions to the integration of new features.

Keeping your eCommerce site up to date and relevant is vital to its success. We pride ourselves on having fast support when you need us and our years of experience allow us to quickly highlight issues and give answers quickly.

We can also help you with marketing your new eCommerce site including setting you up on Google Shopping, advertising on social media and much more.

B2B eCommerce Experts

Selling to other businesses/trade can be an important part, or all of your business activity. We create ecommerce solutions for you to sell to the trade, accept trade sign-ups and offer your trade customers discounts on your products. This functionality can be in addition to your normal B2C ecommerce, or be a dedicated solution for B2B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you suggest BigCommerce over other well known platforms like Shopify?

BigCommerce has proved to be a platform that covers all levels of business from startup to enterprise and the success that we have seen with our client' BigCommerce stores is second to none.

How do I take online payments on my eCommerce store?

The platform is set up to accept all the major payment gateways and we recommend Stripe, Barclays Payments & Paypal as the preferred payment gateways for cost and all round features. We integrate these gateways for you to allow you to take payments on your online store, after you have signed up for the relevant account. It's a simple process and we'll point you in the right direction.

I am on a different platform at the moment and I am keen to move to one that you recommend, like BigCommerce. What happens to all our products, customers and orders that we have on another system?

We have transferred many sets of data from other platforms onto BigCommerce. This includes products, categories/collections. orders and customers. We handle all that for you to make the transition very simple. There are a list of the systems that we regularly transfer from on our migration page.

I need to ship products to various areas / countries and want to have a fairly complex shipping setup. Is that possible on BigCommerce?

Yes, we have setup very complex shipping for our clients over the years and there are a few ways that shipping can be done as part of BigCommerce. Weight based shipping, order value based shipping, standard rate shipping, free shipping and click & collect are all options. Should you have a more complex model then we can use ShipperHQ as an add-on to ease the pains of more complex shipping.

Do I need a big server, expensive hosting and an IT team to run an eCommerce store?

With BigCommerce, you don't have to worry about hosting, servers and IT teams. The software has a small monthly cost (starting at £25 per month) that covers all the hardware and software required to host the complete solution online. You just need a laptop or tablet to access it on. Gone are the days of massive hosting costs and teams of IT people needed to keep your eCommerce online.

How technical do I have to be to run an eCommerce store?

BigCommerce makes it very easy to do all elements of store admin and we will provide you with an overview of the platform and specific training around the daily activities required to run the store. If you can send an email, you can run a BigCommerce store.

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