As BigCommerce partners, we know how to deliver a top quality eCommerce platform that sells.

We are here for you as your BigCommerce experts. We are a BigCommerce certified agency, meaning we are qualified to create the very best BigCommerce solution for you. We can help you with a new design for your current BigCommerce store, with a brand new development or to replatform onto BigCommerce from another eCommerce platform.

If you have back office systems, we can look at integrating these with your store. We can also explore with you how your business currently sells and suggest the very best solutions from our vast experience with other clients. We have a very good track record of helping our clients make dramatic savings and efficiencies with correctly suggested solutions. 

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We're BigCommerce Partners

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A number of years ago, we investigated the eCommerce platforms available in the marketplace and soon discovered that there was a stand-out product that covered the whole eCommerce marketplace better than all the others.  That product was BigCommerce and being a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform, you don’t need massive servers or crowds of IT geeks to look after those servers.

BigCommerce brings enterprise level features to all levels of business, whether selling 1 product or 100,000’s of products.  It is a fully scalable solution that has included features that cost huge amounts to add on to other eCommerce systems.

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How We Can Help

Design & Build

Our core business is superb web design and with over 130 BigCommerce websites having been created by our team, we believe there is no more experienced agency in the UK for creating the very best BigCommerce design. An eCommerce solution built to perform and we have proof of stats as good as 1000 times revenue increase from our stores and marketing.

Every site is built up from a base platform, we don’t ask you to choose a theme, we build your design to suit your needs and create a beautiful and highly functional solution for your business. Our solution is completed by ensuring the site is search engine optimised and all domain admin is complete both before and after going live.

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Apps & Integrations

With our vast experience of BigCommerce, we have come across many scenarios of clients looking to integrate external systems with BigCommerce. There are a number of Apps that can be added to BigCommerce to integrate with external systems, that may not be immediately obvious to our client. We can provide many solutions for these scenarios and in some cases have coded our own interfaces.

Common integrations and Apps are for EPOS systems, Backup solutions, Advanced Search, Mail Software integrations and Sales channels like ebay, Amazon and TikTok.

Our list of our in-house solutions to many common requests/nice additions for BigCommerce can be found here.

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Are you running out of resources and grinding to a halt with Woocommerce, or the costs of Magento just going through the roof? There are many reasons why you may want to re-platform your e-commerce store and we have vast experience of re-platforming, re-designing and improving your store to improve conversion, lower costs and boost your online business. We take away the hassle of moving your product, customer and order data to our recommended platform, BigCommerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you suggest BigCommerce over other well known platforms like Shopify?

BigCommerce has proved to be a platform that covers all levels of business from startup to enterprise and the success that we have seen with our client' BigCommerce stores is second to none.

I am on a different platform at the moment and I am keen to move to one that you recommend, like BigCommerce. What happens to all our products, customers and orders that we have on another system?

We have transferred many sets of data from other platforms onto BigCommerce. This includes products, categories/collections. orders and customers. We handle all that for you to make the transition very simple. There are a list of the systems that we regularly transfer from on our migration page.

I need to ship products to various areas / countries and want to have a family complex shipping setup. Is that possible on BigCommerce?

Yes, we have setup very complex shipping for our clients over the years and there are a few ways that shipping can be done as part of BigCommerce. Weight based shipping, order value based shipping, standard rate shipping, free shipping and click & collect are all options. Should you have a more complex model then we can use ShipperHQ as an add-on to ease the pains of more complex shipping.

Can you upgrade from Blueprint to Stencil for us?

Yes, we can do that for you either with your current design or with a brand new design. In this scenario we need to update the base theme, so will have to build from scratch anyway, so an ideal time to have a full redesign.

Can you redesign our store without affecting our products, customers and orders?

Yes, we can do a full redesign without affecting anything but the design of the store. All data remains the same.

We are looking to integrate EPOS, what works well with BigCommerce?

We have found that the best option for BigCommerce is Vend, which is now called Lightspeed Retail.

I am interested in one of your apps, how do I go about getting it?

Some of our Apps are self install, but most of them require a bit of work on our side. For apps that we need to install for you, we will require appropriate access to your website. If you want more information about something specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have a BigCommerce website that I need to have reliably supported. I have been let down by the company who built it. Can you help?

Yes, we can pick up your support and be a reliable source of support and help going forward. Whether it just knowing you have someone at the end of the phone for you or a complete service of design enhancement, product support and guidance, we are your new one-stop shop.

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