Written by: Hayley
Posted on: May 10, 2021

Toolden, BigCommerce & Xtensive

Toolden, a client we’ve worked with over the previous year, has had their website recognised by the ecommerce platform giants, BigCommerce. With Toolden’s recent success, BigCommerce has published an article titled “BigCommerce Helps Toolden Scale from Local Seller to Global Retailer” stemming from a significant increase in their website’s users, sales, and customers.

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In 2020 when communities around the world were halted into lockdown, Toolden’s sales and revenue took a significant hit. In a reaction to this downhill trend, the team behind Toolden revised their business strategy and faced lockdown head-first. Their new plan-of-action included a massive increase of products stocked with their range increasing from 10,000 to 30,000, a more competitive pricing strategy and an extension on their financing options. They required an improved website to facilitate their new strategy… this is where we came in.

Toolden Meets Xtensive

Toolden were attracted to our services due to our expertise of the BigCommerce platform and our close relationship with the BC team. A meeting was held to discuss what was required to achieve their business goals, as well as bringing their ideas to fruition. As a team, we completed an audit on the website to find out where we felt the website and user experience could be improved. Mockups were created for the homepage, categories and product pages, in order to present how their user’s journey would function throughout the website.

We felt the main features to improve on website was the homepage and menu system. The previous homepage had far too much going on, making it difficult for the user to draw their attention to one specific area. With our new design, we streamlined the homepage and clearly defined the more important sections, making it far easier to navigate while still offering a visually pleasing experience. 

Our next task was to radically improve the menu system as Toolden’s product line is so extensive. It required a total overhaul in order to create a stress free shopping experience. We decided to create a “Mega Menu” with their top level categories, as well as some of the most popular sub-categories to. Our team ensured that their marketing of special offers and brands, for each relevant category, was clearly visible for the customer to see and make sense of. The end product turned out to be far more visually appealing and provided a much better user experience for their new and existing customers.

With the website complete, and Toolden happy, it was time to go live!

The Rest is History…

The small, local tool supplier company from Ellon in the North East of Scotland, was rapidly becoming a well-recognised brand within their respective industry. Their reactionary strategy to counteract the effects Covid-19 was having on markets around the world, and their decision to give us a call about their thoughts on a new website, are a few of the many reasons to why Toolden’s success has arrived.

Xtensive Web Design & Marketing is the agency that did our website redesign. They are a BigCommerce certified partner that we are really pleased with. Our partnership with them has gone so well that we continue to use them for website enhancements and maintenance,” Eddie Grovu, Head of Ecommerce and Digital at Toolden

One of the best parts of working within the web design industry is being able to help these great companies with great people and personalities behind them. We absolutely love to see our clients succeed in whatever goal(s) they set out to achieve, and it’s even better when that success is displayed for the world to see by organisations such as BigCommerce.

We’re sure the future will bring many more success stories, and that Toolden’s journey continues.

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