Written by: Hayley
Posted on: February 14, 2023

Anyone can make a website, whether you use a free website builder site or a website design company. However, not every website is great. We have spoken with our web team and put together our top 5 tips for making your site GREAT.


If you saw our previous blog on ‘Things to consider before getting a website’, you’ll know how important images are for your website. Having original, high-quality images that truly represent your brand/business can totally transform the look and feel of your website.

Images are the main part of what a website is made up of (apart from content). Therefore, the better the images the better and greater your site will be!

If you are struggling with images, stock images can be used as they are high-quality resolutions. However, we always recommend using your own, original imagery.


Speaking to our developer Liam, he stressed the importance of the design of the website:

“It’s so important with the design of the site that it flows correctly, is easy to navigate, things are easy to read and interact with. Websites that are badly laid out or difficult to use will just deter people from your website.”

Having a well-designed site is essential. As Liam explained above, websites should have an easy-to-navigate/simple design. Otherwise, you run the risk of a high bounce rate, low page views and no site engagement.

We are experts in professional web design, so do get in touch with our team if you are looking to start your next web project. You can guarantee we will make it great!


Having clear and strong branding is important for your website and making it look great. If you have a consistent colour scheme and consistent fonts/layout your website will look much more professional.

Another thing to consider is having a modern logo. Modern logo’s should be high resolution, readable and bonus points for a transparent version of it. Modern logos should be versatile to be used across socials too.


    If you have an e-commerce website, it’s important to have high-quality product images. With an e-commerce site, the only thing customers can go on is the images. This makes it super important to ensure you have the best quality product imagery.

    Your product imagery needs to be consistent. The size of the images needs to all be the same and preferably square in size. This make’s the layout of your product page look much better.


    The final thing that will make your site great, is to ensure you make it accessible to everyone. There are many things you can do to ensure your site is accessible such as:

    Like we said above, anyone can have a site but what you want is a GREAT site that helps you stand out from the crowd and from competitors. Follow all of the above and you will be on your way!

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