5 Ways To ‘Christmasify’ Your Website

November 11, 2019


Halloween has passed, the bonfires from Guy Fawkes have fizzled out and that can only mean one thing – Christmas is here! That’s right, there is less than 50 days until Santa sets off from the North Pole to deliver presents around the world. We hope you’ve all been good!

With Christmas being the biggest trading period of the year, it’s super important for businesses to take advantage of this to bring in additional revenue. For the last few years, we have offered a ‘Christmasification’ package where we add some festive cheer to your website and then take it all back down again in the New Year. It’s a digital version of putting up your Christmas decorations.

We’re offering our ‘Christmasification’ package to all of our clients again so if you’re interested, please do get in touch. But we also thought we’d put together a list of 5 things we can do for you to ensure your website is Christmas-ready. So grab some mince pies and get ready for our 5 ways Xtensive can help ‘Christmasify’ your website.

1. Give Your Site A Festive Feel

You might not know this but here at Xtensive HQ, we LOVE Christmas. And we love making our clients websites all festive. Adding that festive cheer to your website will really encourage your customers to shop with you as they begin shopping for their loved ones. Whether it’s adding some falling snow animations to your website, adding Santa hats and stockings to your logo or creating some festive banners promoting your products, it’s a great way to get your website and your customers into the festive mood.

2. Promote Promote Promote

It’s not just about your website looking incredibly festive, consumers need to be able to find your website. With our dedicated marketing team, we can create some incredible adverts for Google, Facebook, Instagram and more that promote your business or a specific product. Digital marketing is key to a successful Christmas trading period and Xtensive’s digital marketing team are here to help.

3. Create A Holiday Gift Guide

For our eCommerce clients, some of you may already have this on your website. If not, it might be a good idea to showcase your top selling items. Since this is customer-generated content, it’s a great way to showcase which products are the most popular. We’d even pair this with a holiday gift guide, where you promote specific products for the festive season. Here at Xtensive, we can have this all incorporated into your eCommerce website.

4. Holiday Shopping Deadlines

With so much Christmas shopping now done online, having fast and efficient delivery is paramount. But what about those people who leave their Christmas shopping to the very last minute? Don’t miss out on these potential customers by clearly advertising your shopping deadline dates. By advertising when your last shipping dates for Christmas are, you can ensure to catch as many last minute orders as possible. We can create a festive banner for you which will clearly promote this on your website.

5. Offer Gift Wrapping

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could offer a gift wrap option for your products. Not only does it take the pain of wrapping away from your customer but you could also allow your customers to add a personalised note with their order. All of this for a small additional fee could bring in some great extra revenue for your business with lots of happy customers too.

If you’d like to ‘Christmasify’ your website, whether you’re an existing client or not, Xtensive is here to help. Give us a call on 0141 237 4994 or email colin@xtensive.co.uk and our little elves will get to work on Christmasifying your website.