Estimated Shipping Message on Product Page

Table showing the dates you would receive your order based on what delivery option you select.


It’s not possible to show a delivery date on a product page of BigCommerce. Customers may be put off purchasing if your shipping rates aren’t displayed at product level.


  • Customised to match your desired shipping methods.
  • Designed to fit with the style of your theme on product pages.
  • Exclude certain days from the estimated date. For example; weekends, seasonal holidays.
  • Request a cut-off before a certain time. For example; Add an extra day for delivery if the current time is after 12pm.
  • Optional exclusion from certain products (Extra fees may apply).
  • One-off fee, coded into your theme.
  • Only works with Stencil themes.


If you need to display a customer’s estimated delivery date based on the time they are on the product, then this is the solution for your Bigcommerce store. 

Get in touch to request installation on your store and include your shipping methods/average time for delivery of each. If you would like to exclude days of the year; such as weekends or seasonal UK/US holidays, please include these too.

from £99 + VAT

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