Bowery Productions gets a post-production refresh

October 7, 2019

white iPad on pink podium with the Bowery Productions website on the screen.

We have been working with Jo at Bowery Productions since 2016 when we took over website development for her and created a brand new website for her business.

That was 3 years ago and in the world of web design, things change rapidly and Jo felt it was time to give her website a little refresh. And not only did we agree but we were also happy to help.

Bowery Productions is an independent film and production company based in Glasgow that works across the world in the television industry. Jo is a BAFTA award-winning producer and journalist that offers her services to a range of industries including wedding, commercial and more.

With this 2019 refresh of her website, we took our time to ensure that we provided Jo with a website that exactly met her needs. Looking at her old site and where things could be improved, we worked on a completely new design – one that makes better use of the stunning images and videos provided to us by our client, stronger branding and just making the content look much cleaner and easier to access.

The original site was built on the Joomla platform but we decided to switch to WordPress for this new website due to the platforms much superior blogging capabilities – something which is quite important to our client.

You can check out the new Bowery Productions website here and don’t forget, if you are looking to refresh your own website then don’t hesitate to give Xtensive a call.