City Sightseeing Glasgow hops onto the Xtensive experience

July 24, 2019

Man holding iPhone on plane with City Sightseeing Glasgow website on screen

We’ve shared a number of tourism projects recently from City Sightseeing Bute to West Coast Tours and now we’d like to share City Sightseeing Glasgow with you.

Here at Xtensive HQ, we had been managing the old City Sightseeing Glasgow website for some time. But it was becoming a real pain to do the most simplest of tasks because of the cumbersome platform and unfriendly UI. We felt it was about time that the City Sightseeing Glasgow website was given the Xtensive touch and we’ve gone onto create one of our favourite websites yet!

The original site was built using Umbraco which our client found frustrating to use. We’ve created the new site using a content management system meaning that it’s incredibly easy for them to be able to update the site when they want. Now they can add service updates in seconds, add new tours to their profile with a few clicks and more.

With City Sightseeing being a huge global brand, we had to stick within brand guidelines but make sure that we provided our client with not only an amazing website but the BEST of all the City Sightseeing websites out there – and we did just that.The site is super colourful, easy to navigate, lightning fast on mobile and accessible too.

space grey Mac on desk with City Sightseeing Glasgow website open in browser

Not only that but we’ve also included some really cool features too. We have a live map on the site so that you see where the tour buses are at all times. And when it comes to booking tickets, we’ve included a super handy QR code for you that the driver can scan to make your hop on hop off that little bit easier. And of course our fantastic marketing team have done tons of brilliant SEO work to help the site improve on Google too!

We are delighted with this new website for City Sightseeing Glasgow. If you are a business in the tourist industry, contact us to find out how we can help you improve your online presence.