MTK Clothing Goes Live

February 5, 2020

MTK Clothing

Along with the launch of multiple gym websites from across the world, we’ve also been beavering away on a new eCommerce store for the MTK Franchise.

MTK Clothing is the eCommerce branch of the MTK franchise where they sell a range of branded T-Shirts, Hoodies, Shorts and more for men, women and children as well as boxing accessories & equipment.

When approaching this project, it was really important that we created a site that matched a lot of the same aesthetic as the MTK Global & Gym websites but also was able to diverge enough in order to accommodate for the eCommerce audience. So we created a site that takes over all the cool design techniques from the main website such as the gradient texts, the sleek black mixed in with fantastic shots of boxers and wrapped it up in a nice little eCommerce package.

The site is fully responsive and is built on the BigCommerce platform meaning it has almost 100% uptime, access to cool features such as abandoned cart saver and more. You can check out the MTK Clothing website by clicking here.