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New Project: Global Events & Attractions

April 14, 2020

Global Events and Attractions

A long term client rebrands and is going global.

We have been working with the team at Global Events & Attractions for a few years now, providing them with a handful of websites for their business. Originally under the name ‘MDS Events’, they felt it was time for them to go global and as such, they needed a new name that reflected that. Say hello to Global Events & Attractions.

GEA provide a huge range of rides, attractions, container creations and more to festivals, gigs, private events and more around the world. They’ve extensively covered the UK, huge swathes of Europe as well as operated in the US, South America and the Middle East. From the Festival Wheel to the Waltzers, the Big Apple Coaster to the Reverse Bungee, they offer so much.

For the new website, they wanted a design that was incredibly sleek and professional looking. And we thought it was important to use a lot of their fantastic imagery to showcase what they do. We created a website for them which is easy to use, looks fantastic on all devices and conveys that professional aesthetic they were looking for. The home page even includes a cool multi location map that shows you all the places they’ve been!

You can check the website out for yourself by visiting