New Project: Spoke 925

July 30, 2019

Mac on desk with Spoke 925 website on the screen

As BigCommerce experts and partners, we know exactly how to create an eCommerce website to suit your business needs.

Spoke 925 came to us a few months ago and asked us to look after their existing website. Built on the BigCommerce platform, their existing site was doing a decent enough job of allowing their customers to browse their store and place orders but we felt that it could be a lot better.

When we came to planning our design, we pinpointed a few areas where we felt the site needed improving and worked out the best way to improve those areas. Firstly, we had to sort out the secure login. As Spoke 925 is a wholesale site, they only want registered customers to be able to browser their products. The existing site provided this but it would always direct people to their account page after logging in rather than taking them straight to the products. We’ve now created a store that simplifies the process – you log in and that’s it, you can start shopping.

We’ve also completely redesigned the homepage, adding in category boxes, advertising special collections and more. The site is a lot prettier, less corporate feeling and much easier to navigate. We made sure to speed the site up too – as a wholesale site, a lot of customers will just want to quickly place an order and that’s it therefore a lightning quick site is very important.

You can check out the new Spoke 925 website by clicking here. If you have a wholesale website and want to improve not only your store design but also your SEO, contact us today.